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I'm sometimes asked what software I'm using to edit the images…

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Listening and Learning: Art Marketing Without Saying a Word

If you think that marketing is mostly about getting your art noticed, then you are half right. Exposure of your work and your accomplishments is a great reason to have exhibits, build a website, blog and engage in social media. That’s called outbound marketing, and your success depends on pushing your message out to many people and places, hoping someone will notice.

But that’s only part of it. Read More Here

Welcome to EDA

Why EDA? Great question, let me explain why…

Within the past year or so we’ve seen an unexpected increase in our non-glass related business. Specifically, we’ve been asked to build and/or teach folks how to create their own websites. Too, people have asked to sit with us and talk over their business plans, marketing ideas and strategies. All while our print business was rolling along.

So we decided to split the activities of the glass business from those of the graphics business