Online Image Editing Tools

I’m sometimes asked what software I’m using to edit the images we work with. I use and I’m very happy with Adobe Photoshop. We purchased the Adobe Suite of image creating and editing software tools back in 2006 and have periodically updated along the way. Currently I use Adobe Creative Suite 5, Design Premium. It’s great, it meets my needs and then some. With a caveat I highly recommend it. The caveat? It’s pricey and the learning curve is fairly steep.

So… unless you’re committed to learning Photoshop and an eligible student able to purchase Photoshop or the Adobe Creative Suite at a student’s price, or working professionally in the field in some capacity I believe Creative Suite is probably much more tool than you’ll need and Photoshop itself may very well be beyond your interest.   In my opinion a perfectly suitable alternative to Photoshop is Adobe Photoshop Elements. Just to complicate matters, Adobe is migrating most of their product line into the cloud which means you ‘subscribe’ to the service as opposed to purchasing a license to use it in your own computer. It’s not a bad deal, being in the cloud, it’s just different than it’s historically been.

If you find yourself looking for image editing software, let me recommend taking a look at the following article. Read it here. The best part of this? They’re all free. So… check out the various applications, compare & contrast the feature sets in relation to what you’re currently needing and see if you aren’t able to find something that fits the bill for you.